How do we take care of our new members?


We get it, CrossFit can be scary. At CrossFit Frostbite, we start our new members with a no-gimmicks, 4 week intro. You can start with a complimentary on-boarding (intro) session with our head coach to help you get acclimated. From there, you have 4 weeks of unlimited classes! There are no class time restrictions, no class limits, no secret contracts you didn’t realize you were signing, no gimmicks. We treat our members how we want to be treated, with respect. After the 4 weeks, we’ll talk about next steps and how CrossFit Frostbite can help you with your goals moving forward.

Not new to CrossFit, but new to Frostbite? Feel free to take advantage of this offer as well!

The Break Down:

  • $80 Introductory fee

  • Complimentary On-Boarding (intro) session with a head coach

  • 4 weeks of unlimited classes

  • No hidden contracts/payments