It doesn’t matter what’s your fitness level, this place is a real haven... If you’re an experienced athlete you’ll find challenging workouts and amazing coaches that’ll help you reach your goals OR if this is your first time touching a barbell, you’ll also find the coolest, down-to-earth, friendly, non-judgemental community ever.
— EZE.

This is by far the best environment to be in, not only to accomplish your fitness goals, but to also make positive friends that support you in and out of the gym. The programming is seriously top notch. This is Charlie’s (owner and head coach) super power. The entore coaching team is extremely supportive and helpful! This is a great place to be at and train!
— Michael R.

I have never enjoyed working out more. I look forward to going to this gym as often as I can.
— Sandy F.

As always, starting something new is nerve-wracking. When I walked in 3 months ago I felt sure I wouldn’t fit in or enjoy the workouts. How wrong I was!
Each day I’ve become stronger and more confident because the team is so encouraging, from the coaches to the participants. They are all so inspiring and dedicated.
Thank you for creating a fun, welcoming gym!
— Lu W.

I cannot express my gratitude for Frostbite. I have been to other CrossFit gyms. I have had amazing results and met wonderful people at other gyms. At Frostbite however, my expectations have been exceeded. The heart, authenticity, transparency, community, accountability, member-based programming, and individual attention to coaching has blown me away. I found out I was pregnant not long after joining Frostbite. There has been care and dedication from Charlie and all of the coaches to keep me fit, safe, and hitting desired stimuli and skills practice/development as my baby bump grows. The community has also shown incredible support to my husband and I as we opened our own business. Frostbite puts faith in their members, inside and outside of the gym. Thank you for loving us like your own.
— Michelle B.

The environment is by far my favorite! It IS a family and everyone is always rooting for you!
— Rachel A.

You couldn’t ask for better trainers, owners, and fellow gym rats. I literally look forward to going not just for the sweat and sore muscles but for the people and atmosphere. I tried out 4 gyms before this, I was easily hooked day one. Plan on being her for quite awhile. Charlie, Rachel, Ellie, Anne....they the best
— Broc H.

I was set on a gym back where I used to live and I felt nothing could replace them. Finding crossfit frostbite was the best thing that could happen to me and I am extremely grateful they welcomed me with open arms. I got my fiancé involved and now he enjoys and loves working out as much as I do and we spend many nights together at frostbite doing a workout! Crossfit Frostbite is not only a place to workout, but it is a place I go to destress. I can talk to people here like family. There is no drama here and it is extremely welcoming. ♡
— Jess R.